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"Hey, Dave! Look what I got!"
The dark-eyed youth took his hand off of the handle of his car door and turned around.
"What is it now, Kale?" he sighed.
Kale, a jumpy sophomore in high school and Dave's best friend, skidded to a stop about two inches from Dave and grinned at him. He was 5'10, just an inch taller than his friend, and interested in Wicca; he was his own warlock, constantly trying out new spells and potions. As far as Dave knew, they never worked.
"Dude! I found a new potion recipe on the net! Can you try it out for me?"
Dave sighed again and ran his fingers through his curly brown hair, something he did when he was thinking. He was used to being Kale's guinea pig, but after his last potion that consisted mostly of raw eggs and hair, he felt sick whenever Kale mentioned the words "potion" or "omelet."
Kale remembered the incident as well. "Ah, come on, buddy!" he pleaded. "I promise that this one is better! Rose extract, mint, sugar..." He started naming off the long list of ingredients.
Dave, realizing that his buddy wasn't going to shut any time soon, busied himself with adjusting his black t-shirt, something else he did when he was deep in thought. That was all he wore, really: dark clothes. He wasn't emo or anything like that- it was just better to wear dark clothes in the Northwest. Along the coastline in the winter, you needed to soak up as many rays of the sun as you could. Besides, he liked the color.
Dave tuned back into the conversation.
"...and I think there may be some coco butter in there." Kale looked at his friend again. "So, can you at least try it? Please!!"
Dave knew that he was going to do it one way or another. "Fine. Where is it?"
Kale's eyes lit up as he fished around in his pocket. After a "Ahhhhh-HA!" of triumph, he pulled out a small vial filled with what looked like melted chocolate. Dave took it and got into his car before Kale started chattering again. He had some homework to do before he acted as guinea pig.

Dave looked at his clock. The display said: 9:30 PM. He yawned, worn out from the busy day at school. He peeled off his shirt and pants, grabbed a black army tank, and fell into bed. As he looked at the still-on lamp, he spotted the vial. He groaned inwardly, thinking about how he'd have to drink it sooner or later.
With a sigh, he pushed himself off of the mattress and turned off the lamp. He grabbed the vial from its place on the shelf and uncorked it, sniffing the contents. It smelled like sugar and cinnamon, with a hint of cocoa. He raised one eyebrow. This seemed more like fudge than some vile experiment. He shrugged and downed it anyway. It tasted just like chocolate that had been left out in the sun to melt. He then piled back into bed and quickly fell asleep.
Dave found himself in front of a mirror in an old, dusty attic. The mirror was pretty big, and really ornate, like the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter. His reflection, however, wasn't quite his desire. Staring back at him was a beautiful girl with dark brown hair, just a few shades darker than his. Her eyes were reddish, a small contrast from his dark eyes. She was also a few inches shorter than him- possibly 5'6 or 7. She could have easily been his sister.
Dave reached out toward the surface of the mirror, surprised when the girl didn't reach back. He figured that the mirror was actually a window, and touched the surface. He yanked it back. It felt like gelatin. He tentatively felt the surface again. This time, he buried his hand into the mirror up to his wrist. The girl smiled at him and reached for the mirror as well. She touched Dave's hand, and suddenly a chill ran down his spine. Everything turned black, and it was just him in front of another mirror. This time, he saw his own reflection.
Dave ran his hand through his curly hair, and watched his eyes widen in his reflection as he felt and saw it lengthening and straightening out until it reached the middle of his back. Black traveled up the roots and down to the tips as he saw his eyes, now wider and with more lashes, turn a deep red.
What's happening to me? He thought, panic rising. He doubled over in pain, clutching his chest. It felt really sore, like he had been punched a thousand times from the inside. He forced himself to watch as his chest slowly filled out under his tank, which was quickly morphing itself into a flattering camisole with white ruffles. He felt a crack in his hips, feeling them growing a little wider. He felt himself shrink a little as well. As he stared into the mirror, watching the terrifying (yet astounding) changes taking place, he realized that he was starting to look just like the girl in the other mirror.
He was snapped back to reality as he noticed a tingling feeling down by his crotch.
Oh, God, no, he thought. Not that, anything but that!! However, he couldn't help but feel very helpless as he felt his manhood slowly shrink away. The uncomfortable feeling was then replaced by a warm feeling as he felt female parts form and take shape under his shorts, which were quickly shrinking. He clutched his arms and hugged himself, watching himself blush in embarrassment and pleasure as everything slowly ground to a halt.
Once he felt that everything was over, he looked at the mirror again, this time less in fear and more in curiosity. He looked just like the girl in the other mirror, with a fairly large bust that made it impossible to see his feet when he puffed it out a little and dark hair and eyes. He now wore a corset-style black top with white ruffles down the front and black panties that probably only covered just enough of himself to avoid a blush. With closer examination, he realized that his hands and feet had also shrank into more feminine sizes. He could barely recognize himself.
A thought occurred to him- I must be dreaming. A smile rose on his face as the thought sank in. I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, this isn't real! He danced around, singing to himself in his new, almost catgirlish voice, "I'm dream-ing! I'm dream-ing! It isn't real! I'm not a girl! Whee!" His eyes sparkled with feminine pride as he concentrated on waking up. After a minute or so, he felt himself float out of the dream.

Dave woke up feeling refreshed and completely ready to tackle the new day. He got up, grabbed a black t-shirt from the top of his dresser, and put it on, noticing that it was a little snug. He'd have to buy a new one eventually. He also grabbed the pair of shorts that were there and put them on, realizing that they were a little shorter than usual and kind of tight.
"I couldn't have grown out of all of my clothes that fast," he mused to himself. He turned around and looked in the mirror. His jaw dropped. He couldn't breathe. Staring back at him was a busty 16-year-old girl with dark hair and red eyes, wearing a black t-shirt and booty shorts. He looked around his room madly, as if trying to find a switch that would make everything normal again.
Behind him, he saw a note next to where the clothes were. It read:
Hope you like the new clothes, Dava! I can't wait for our date tonight.
P.S. Don't worry. The potion will wear off in a week or so. Hope you like heels! <i>
EDIT: Why on earth is this old thing so popular?!?! Guys, if you love me this much, you can always make requests. i assure you that my recent writing trumps this.

This is my half of a trade with :icontg-017:. My half was "Something with a dream." I think I fulfilled that pretty well, if I do say so myself! This is the first TG story I've attempted, so I hope I did all right. Not too used to that kind of stuff, but....

His half is something involving two of my characters. Check out their page to see their work- it rocks my socks!
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MCKirby99 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
There should be a sequel to this where Dava (Dave) get her revenge.
TheEvilBudgie Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved it and do you still do story requests?!
beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
I guess me and Nubbitude are alone here
Nubbitude Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool story~
Just one thing I noticed, if you space it out a bit more it gets easier to read.
I missed the right line a few times and had to read parts over again... (sorry if this bothers you... just ignore it if it does)
Looking forward to see more of your work~~
NameUnknowne Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Your comment doesn't bother me, but it does allow me to make a point:
This is an old request that I did two-ish years ago, and it was a fairly shoddy job in my opinion. The fact that it is so popular irks me a little, though I admit I enjoy your comment. XD
I have no intention of making more of these types of stories unless requested, but thank you. :3
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*phew* glad that you didn't take offense
and a pity that you won't continue these stories...
well, it's your free choice, what you write^^
NameUnknowne Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Well, I'm always open to requests. ^^ But thank you~
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
^^ I will consider that~
ECs-Overlord Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
CNileDeMencha Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
Well done for a first TG. Keep it up, man.
CNileDeMencha Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
Well, not sure if you're male or female. But with TG artists, who can really tell? ^^
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